If you'd like to switch web hosting companies and you do not have a lot of experience or time, you could find it difficult to transfer your content. Relocating an HTML website involves uploading little files to the new hosting server, therefore it can be easier, but migrating a script-driven website, especially a custom-built one, and linking it to the database on the new hosting platform or relocating databases and e mails could be very aggravating tasks for some people. Because of this, lots of users are stuck with a provider which offers a bad Internet hosting service just because they do not know how they can move their content to another provider safely while keeping the looks and functionality of their websites unchanged. In this light, our Internet hosting plans provide a site migration service, which is completely free of charge, and that will save you a substantial amount of time and efforts as you'll not need to do anything on your end.
Assisted Website Migration in VPS Hosting
If you sign up for one of our Linux VPS hosting, we'll be able to move many Internet sites from your current web hosting provider at no additional charge on top of the monthly VPS price. Because our web hosting servers run using Linux, your sites should also be running on such a machine and they must not be designed using a closed online platform like Wix or Jimdo, but apart from that there aren't limitations as to what the Internet sites should be - WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart or custom-built ones. Our experienced tech support team shall start the migration the minute your VPS is all set and you make contact with them. The timeframe for the migration depends on the number of sites and their size, but normally the whole procedure doesn't take more than two days and this time includes detailed testing to guarantee that all Internet sites shall work adequately on our end. You can change the name servers of the domains that you would like to host on the VPS the moment we notify you that the data has been relocated and you shall not detect any downtime as the exact same content will be available on both hosting servers.
Assisted Website Migration in Dedicated Web Hosting
If you have decided to switch companies because you require a more potent hosting solution and you sign up for a dedicated server from our firm, we can migrate a number of websites at no additional cost and in just 48 hours due to the fact that we have a crew of incredibly knowledgeable admins. Not only will they move the content for you, but they'll furthermore modify all of the necessary settings within the configuration files of your sites and will test if everything is working efficiently before they notify you that the migration procedure has been completed. This service is available regardless of the hosting CP that you use with the present host and the one you order on our end. It also doesn't matter if you are using a custom site or a script like WordPress or Joomla considering that our admins are able to relocate any kind of website which can operate on Linux environment. The only Internet sites they are unable to transfer are ones designed on platforms like Wix, Jimdo or Weebly since they use closed-source website builders and don't grant access to the actual files. Once everything is all set, you'll be able to change the name servers of the domains that you want to be hosted in the dedicated server and because the content shall be identical to the one you have on the servers of the present host company, you will not observe any disturbances.